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Welcome to the PROMPT registry! PROMPT, which stands for Prospective Registry of Multiplex Testing, is a research registry for people who have had a newer form of genetic testing, called multi-gene panels. These panels look for mutations in several different genes all at once. All of the genes on the panels have been tied to an increased risk of cancer, but the risks associated with some of the genes are better known than the risks associated with others. You probably found PROMPT because you or your family members had panel testing. By participating in PROMPT you will help us to learn more about these genes so that we can help people, while also ensuring that we can report this useful information back to you.

If you are interested in participating, click on the register button. This will direct you to the home page of our partner PatientCrossroads, a secure on-line registry. PatientCrossroads has worked with many academic and non-academic partners to create communities of individuals with rare medical conditions so that research into those conditions can proceed more efficiently. Any information that you provide to PatientCrossroads will be given the highest possible degree of privacy protection. In fact, PatientCrossroads will not even share any information that could identify you with the PROMPT study unless you give permission for them to do so.

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What is PROMPT?
PROMPT is a collaborative effort across academic institutions and commercial labs to answer important questions about new genetic tests.
For additional information about the relationship between PatientCrossroads and PROMPT, please visit
Who should join?
Individuals found to have alterations in genes associated with cancer risk.
Why should I join?
To help researchers quickly learn information that will help develop the right way to manage risks associated with alterations in cancer susceptibility genes.
What do I need to do?
Once you have registered for PROMPT you will be invited to complete a questionnaire describing your family history of cancer.
Where can I find more information about multi-gene panels?
For more information about multi-gene panels, including information about specific genes, please visit

If you have any questions about participating in PROMPT, please contact:

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